NEW ARTWORK: Rhapsody in Blue (diptych, set of 2 artworks)

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Abstract diptych on stretched canvases, a painting inspired by George Gershwin's timeless renowned musical masterpiece with the same title as this piece. 

The painting consists of two canvases 73 x 50 cm and 73 x 60 cm, making the combined size of the piece 73 x 110 x 1.8 cm.

The two canvases can be hung together to create a cohesive and breathtaking display or separately, depending on the collector's preference.

The edges of the canvases are painted white.

You have the freedom to frame each canvas separately, highlighting their unique essence, or unite them as one cohesive artwork.

Materials: acrylic, elements of collage, and mixed media.

Signed and ready to hang. 

Colors: Light blue, blue, light and dark grey, white, beige, blue-green-turquoise.

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