My Story

“Throughout this journey of life we meet many people along the way. Each one has a purpose in our life. No one we meet is ever a coincidence.”

Mimi Novic

I am So Glad You Are Here,

My name is Marisol Evora. I am an abstract- and mixed media artist. When I paint I can get lost in the process, experimenting with different techniques and media, such as acrylics, watercolor, diverse markers, pastel, oil, and other materials. My art seeks new forms of expression between established artforms. It is usually colorful and textured, with multiple layers, scratches, and marks. I work mostly on canvas and paper. My goal is to produce art that feels interesting to look at and brings energy and colors to ordinary life.

I Have Always Loved Painting

Growing up, I was constantly curious and inspired by art. I wanted to become an artist or ballet dancer and I always dreamed of a big family. But being raised in a traditional family while aspiring to have an art career was out of the question. I spent years on an education in subjects that may not always have been my main interest, except for the three years where I got to study Art & Design. This period was soon diverted towards politics, law, and economics. Eventually, I graduated with a degree in political science and public administration, and with time I got my big family with seven gorgeous children.

Original Abstract Art & Expert Art Marketing Tips and Insights

On my website, you'll discover original abstract art on canvas and paper, all straight from my studio – truly from my heart to your walls.

And for the creatives out there, my blog is filled with valuable tips, insights, and guides. You'll find both free resources and special digital products up for grabs.

So, take your time, look around, and if anything speaks to you, or if you're thinking of owning an original piece, or even if you just have questions or thoughts, don't hesitate to contact me. You are very welcome!

Collectors reviews

Die Lieferung war schnell und unkompliziert. Das Bild ist wunderschön.
Werde auf jeden Fall in Zukunft weitere Bilder von Marisol kaufen.


Our paintings arrived as expected, shipped quickly, especially given the international shipment. We love these pieces of art and had them framed to hang in our dining room. Lots of beautiful, vibrant colors brightening our home. Very happy with this purchase!

Lindsay Wu, TX / US



I bought a painting this Fall to give as a wedding gift. The painting arrived quickly and was even better in person. Marisol was very responsive and answered all of my questions and more. I would recommend her paintings in a heartbeat.

Rob Diaz, Astoria, NY / US

Miles From Home


Article conforme à ce qui était attendu. Envoi rapide et emballage sécurisé. Très content de ce petit art.

Helen Christie, Paris, FRANCE

Love these colorful paintings. Have already bought 2 and going to buy a lot more because they're all beautiful. Everyone loves them as well.

Amanda Davi, Miami, FL / US

Guide for Artists: How to Define Your Target Audience


I recently got Marisol's guide on defining a target audience. If you're a beginner artist aiming to go professional, this guide is filled with valuable insights. It truly helped push my art business to the next level. Highly recommended for those ready to step up!

Vanessa Alvirado, US Artist

Love is in the Air


Hello Marisol, I hope you are well. My daughter loves art. Every year for her birthday, she chooses a piece of art as her gift. Your beautiful painting was for her 21st birthday and she was thrilled when we unboxed it. It was more beautiful in person.

J.V. / USA



I grabbed Marisol's guide just a month ago, gave it a good read, and started putting the strategies and tips into action, and sold two
paintings already! It's super easy to understand, covering everything from collaborations to getting noticed online. If you're ready to turn your art into a steady income this guide will help you a lot. Highly recommend!

Erica Bosman, TX / US



I'm just starting out as an artist and decided to give Marisol's Guide a try. Wow, what a difference it's made! I actually sold 3 pieces in 5 weeks by following her advice. I'm super happy and highly recommend it to any artist looking to get their sales going.

Emma Rivera
San Jose, CA, US

My job as a doctor means I have some pretty intense days. Adding a piece of Marisol's abstract art to my home has really changed the feel of the place. The bright colors and lively design bring a fresh vibe that really lightens up the seriousness from my workday. It reminds me there's beauty in the unexpected and how art can lift your mood.

Dr. Lukas Müller / GERMANY

I recently purchased an original abstract from Marisol, and I couldn't be happier. It brings so much joy and color into my living area. There's something about the piece that speaks to me every time I look at it. Marisol's art has a special way of brightening up my day.

Céline Thomas



I’m this self-taught artist with a day job that just doesn't cut it for me anymore. I stumbled upon Marisols guides while on the hunt for some real talk on how to sell my art. Not gonna lie, I wasn’t expecting miracles, but man, the difference those guides made! Went from zero to selling at least something every week. It’s not like I’m selling out galleries yet, but going from nothing to steady sales? Huge for me. Thanks!

Ryan Brown, CA / USA

If you have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch at